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Introduction to Culinary Arts 
In September of 2022, SJVA started offering Introduction to Culinary Arts as a high school and middle school elective course.  Introduction to Culinary Arts provides students with a comprehensive overview of the culinary arts including: an overview of the restaurant and foodservice industry; food safety and sanitation; culinary arts basics; personal nutrition. Students will also learn about the wide variety of exciting and rewarding careers available to them. To learn more, see the Introduction to Culinary Arts page.


Culinary Arts 1 
Culinary Arts 1 is designed for students eager to expand their basic culinary knowledge and explore the commercial aspects of food preparation. In this course, you'll embark on an exciting journey to create a mock restaurant, where you'll develop comprehensive menus and dive into the intricacies of marketing and branding. You'll also learn about the aesthetics of plating, presentation, and food styling, ensuring that each dish looks as good as it tastes. Throughout the course, you’ll gain practical experience in essential culinary techniques and understand the operational side of running a restaurant. This includes exploring how to effectively market your culinary creations, brand your restaurant, and present dishes in a visually appealing manner. By the end of Culinary Arts 1, you will have a solid foundation in both the creative and commercial facets of the culinary arts, preparing you for more advanced studies and real-world culinary challenges.


Culinary Arts 2 
Building on the foundations of Introduction to Culinary Arts and Culinary Arts 1, this course will elevate your skills by exploring global cuisines and advanced food preparation in a commercial setting. You’ll prepare iconic international dishes, gaining insights into their cultural significance, and practice professional techniques like precision knife skills, diverse cooking methods, and complex sauce creation. Emphasis will be placed on efficient kitchen management, teamwork, and communication, essential for commercial kitchen success. Additionally, this course prepares you for the ProStart National Cooking Competition, where you'll develop and refine competition-level recipes and presentation skills through rigorous practice. You'll learn about kitchen setup, team management, inventory control, cost analysis, and food safety, enhancing both your culinary expertise and appreciation for global traditions. Culinary Arts 2 will ready you for success in the competitive culinary world.