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Introduction to Culinary Arts 
In September of 2022, SJVA started offering Introduction to Culinary Arts as a high school and middle school elective course.  Introduction to Culinary Arts provides students with a comprehensive overview of the culinary arts including: an overview of the restaurant and foodservice industry; food safety and sanitation; culinary arts basics; personal nutrition. Students will also learn about the wide variety of exciting and rewarding careers available to them. To learn more, see the Introduction to Culinary Arts page.


Culinary Arts 1 
Coming August of 2023, SJVA will offer Culinary Arts 1 for the first time as a high school elective.  Culinary 1 course is designed for students who are interested in expanding their basic culinary knowledge and exploring the commercial side of food preparation.  Students will develop a mock restaurant, develop menus, look into marketing and branding along with the aesthetics of plating, presentation and food styling. 


Partnership and Support 
SJVA’s Culinary Arts department is committed to exposing students to the exciting world of Culinary Arts and start equipping them with the knowledge and skillset to peruse a career in restaurant industry . A key component of this endeavor is providing students with hands-on and real life experience to help identify and confirm their culinary passion and goals. SJVA Culinary Arts department would like to partner with the restaurant community and community at large in making this mission a reality. Donations of any kind will continue to help provide students with hands-on and real life experience such as but not limited to enhanced kitchen training, materials, tools. We are seeking partnerships to build a full scale kitchen at SJVA. You can donate by using the Paypal link or contacting SJVA’s Director of Culinary Arts at [email protected]