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 Mission Statement
San Jacinto Valley Academy is a College Preparatory Academy which places an emphasis on holding our students to a higher standard of learning and best preparing them for a life after high school. Our Athletic Program is no different. While our athletes will always be students first, we believe that the participation in scholastic sports will help our students develop life-long skills that will increase the probability of being successful in wherever life takes them. While our program will not be judged based on wins and losses we believe that having a successful program which includes doing things the right way, having high expectations for our athletes, and developing our athletes physically and psychologically from elementary aged to high School aged  will help produce a sustained winning tradition. 
Vision Statement
San Jacinto Valley Academy; Excelling in Academics and Athletics 
We see our athletes as a microcosm of our school as a whole. Often time’s outsiders will not have the opportunity to understand what our school is about, but athletics leads to the opportunity for teachers, parents, coaches and students from other schools to gain insight to what we are about here at San Jacinto Valley Academy (SJVA). The expectation we put on our department is that we strive to reach the highest measurement of achievement in all NCAA and CIF categories. While we have a goal of being CIF contenders every season for every sport, we also look to be among the top in classroom as well. We expect our student athletes to be among the highest in the state in academic progress rate and graduation rates. The vision we have for our program is to be unified from K-12. Meaning that our systems that we run and values that we teach at the high school level will be followed similarly by our elementary students preparing them for what is to be expected to them as they develop as student athletes. 

Core Values
  • Academic Development: All athletes will be responsible for upholding the higher standard set forth by San Jacinto Valley Academy when it comes to athletics.  Athletes will participate in after-school enrichment and tutoring to help ensure that they stay up to par with grades and assignments. Athletes will participate in all SAT and ACT Prep courses and attend any college readiness seminars in order to give them the highest chance at obtaining enrollment in top universities around the country. 
  • Personal Development:  Athletes will understand the importance of team work, cooperation, and unity. Athletes will participate in team-building events, fundraising opportunities, and be open to learning skills and characteristics, taught by their teachers and coaches, that will help them in all their future endeavors. 
  • Integrity: Athletes will understand they are a direct reflection of the school. No matter the circumstances our athletes will follow the values set forth by the athletic department and individual coaches. 
  • Culture:  Every athletic program will have a sense of culture. Athletes will understand what it is to be a wolf and the responsibilities and privileges that come along with the title.  Athletes will uphold this image in school, during athletic events and in the community in which they live. 
  • Athletic Development:  Our athletes will understand the hard-work and dedication it takes to becoming a more complete athlete. They will also understand the importance of continuing to develop our younger players and our youth programs to our sustained success as a school. 
Contact information
Athletic Director
Charles Ilardi: