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College and Career

Choosing a future for yourself can be challenging when there are so many, many possibilities. We would like to simplify this sometimes daunting task with a few tried and true resources. 
step 1
What careers might interest you? 
Aptitude Test 
Aptitude tests can help you discover your natural abilities and make suggestions for careers and workplace styles that may suit your personality the best. 
Click here for a free test from 
Click here for a free test from Holland Code Career Test.
step 2
I have an interest in this career. Now what?
Not all careers require degrees from a four-year college or university. Some employers require special certification or an associate's degree, which can be earned from trade schools or community colleges. Check out this distinction in the diagram below:
What type of education will the career your interested in require?
Click here to view a spreadsheet put together by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that details the type of education requirements needed depending on specific career pathways. 
Enlisting in the military may assist you with the financial responsibilities of college while also achieving hands-on experience and a rewarding career. Click on the branches listed below to view their websites:
Research the best education for the career you want that also fits within your financial budget and apply. Look into scholarships that can help you achieve your goals.