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Intro to Aviation

Course Overview

Launching into Aviation
This introductory course will provide the foundation for advanced exploration in the areas of flying, aerospace engineering, and unmanned aircraft systems. Students will learn about the engineering process, problem solving, and the innovations and technological developments that have made today’s aviation and aerospace industries possible.

Students will look at the problem-solving processes and innovative leaps took space exploration from the unimaginable to the common in a single generation. Students will also gain an historical perspective starting from the earliest flying machines to the wide variety of modern aircraft and the integral role they play in making today’s world work.

Exploring Aviation and Aerospace
This core aerospace and aviation course provides the foundation for all three pathways. It is designed to give students a clear understanding of career opportunities in aviation and aerospace and the critical issues affecting the aviation system.

Students will also begin to drill down into the various sectors of aviation and the parts that make up the aviation and aerospace ecosystem. They will discover how advances in aviation created a need for regulation and will learn about the promulgation of civil aviation oversight.

Students will explore modern day innovations and will develop their own innovative ideas to address real-world challenges facing the aviation industry. They will be exposed to a variety of career options in aviation and aerospace and take an in-depth look at the opportunities available. For schools offering multiple pathways, this course will allow students to begin to define their individual interests.


High School Credit
This course meets the College Preparatory Elective “G” requirement for the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) system.


Career Technical Education
This course meets the Career Technical Education (CTE) Transportation – Operations requirement for the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) system. Introduction to Aviation is SJVA’s Introduction CTE Introduction course for the Aviation Pilot Pathway.


Course Topics
Aviation and Aerospace Today, Taking Flight — Early Aviation Innovations, From Theory to Practical Reality — Rapid Developments in Powered Flight, To the Stars — Making Jet and Space Travel Possible, Creating the Future — What’s New and Next in Aviation and Aerospace, Aviation Safety and Oversight, Exploring Careers in Aviation and Aerospace, Innovation Challenge, Thinking About a Career in Aviation