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Academy of Visual and Performing Arts


Register your child here for our After School Music Classes! Registration opens on Friday, August 6th. 

Please check the course description to make sure your child's grade and experience level are correct for the chosen course. Courses include:
Choir (Grades 2-5)
Guitar (Grades 3-12)
Musical Theater (Grades 2-12)
Piano (Grades 3-12)
Ukulele (Grades 3-12)
NEW: Strings (Grades 3-12)
NEW: Audio Engineering (Grades 9-12)





The San Jacinto Valley Academy music program is comprised of both during school, for credit music classes, and after school co-curricular music classes. San Jacinto Valley Academy offers instrumental music, choir and musical theater, and band to all students in a K-12 setting. All of the music programs at San Jacinto Valley Academy are free to students, and instruments are often provided. The for-credit portion of the San Jacinto Valley Academy Music Program consists of band, choir, and elementary music. The co-curricular, after-school portion of the San Jacinto Valley Academy Music Program consists of guitar, strings, piano, percussion, choir, and musical theater.

The San Jacinto Valley Academy Music Program achieves the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results through a well-rounded and enriching approach to music education. Students learn to become Effective Communicators through performance based ensembles which focus on collaboration with teachers and peers in order to achieve common goals. In interacting with instruments, instrument accessories, and learning music through online resources, students further develop the skills necessary to be Effective Users of Technology. Students work with audio technology and recording through live performances and in class recording sessions to communicate musical concepts with Clarity and Precision. Students learn to become Self-Motivated Lifelong Learners by developing a passion for music, and acquiring the necessary skills required to apply past knowledge to new situations. Throughout their music education, San Jacinto Valley Academy students are taught to think flexibly and take responsible risks while exploring new and unknown musical techniques, concepts, and genres. Students further develop as Contributing Members of Society by Responding to music education with Wonderment and Awe, and by Creating, Imagining, and Innovating through music performance and composition.

Mission Statement

Our education philosophy is to cultivate an environment which promotes the development of life-long learners through enriching music education. We strive to provide a well rounded music education to all San Jacinto Valley Academy Students. It is our goal to provide enriching musical experiences to our students and to cultivate a community of musicians and life-long learners. We achieve this goal by offering opportunities to students during school hours, and after school in our co-curricular music program. Our music program includes classes in Band, Choir, Elementary General Music, Guitar, Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, Musical Theater, Music Production, Percussion, Piano, Sound Design, Strings, Rock Band, & Ukulele.

Our music program is open and free to all San Jacinto Valley Academy students.