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Student Attendance

The Learning Partnership Agreement indicates that the student's responsibility for attendance includes: "Attend school regularly and punctually, with no more than 1 tardy or early departure per month and maintenance of attendance at/or above the 97.5% level (5 days of absences or less per year unless there is a catastrophic even or major illness/emergency).
SJVA Everyday!!!!  Attendance is a key part of your child's education. All children are expected to attend school every day and on time. Uninterrupted learning is essential to our school’s success. Student success begins with attendance, and it's everyone's responsiblity. Please do not keep children out of school unless it is absolutely necessary.
Attendance Policies & Procedures
State law states that absences are excused only if the child is ill, death in the immediate family, medical appointment, or court appearance (1-3 day limit). All other absences are unexcused including “family emergencies”. It is our policy that you provide a doctor’s note for three consecutive or more days of absences. Please report student absences to the attendance office by e-mailing, by sending a note immediately following the day of absence, or calling our 24 hour absence line at 654-6113 option 3. All unverified absences will be considered unexcused. Students must attend school the day of an extra-curricular event in order to attend that event. A student who is absent from school may not attend school dances, field trips, athletic practices or musical performances that day.
Tardiness/Early Departures
It is imperative that all students arrive to school on time. Any tardy except for medical reasons is unexcused. It is the parent’s responsibility to get their children to school on time. Any student who is over 30 minutes late to school three times unexcused is considered truant under the California law. Children need to arrive at school promptly and be ready to learn. Children who come to school late or leave early miss valuable time and disrupt the learning of others. We discourage parents to pick up students before dismissal time as they are missing out on the end of the learning and activities. Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule appointments after the school day or on school breaks.
Independent Study
We discouraged families from taking vacations during school time. However, if you have planned a family vacation or your child will be absent, independent study is highly recommended. Please keep in mind that classroom time cannot be replaced by independent study and being absent takes away from the progress of the student.
We at San Jacinto Valley Academy work very hard to ensure that your child receives the best education possible. We cannot accomplish this if your child is not in school every day and on time. Thank you very much for your cooperation. If you have any questions or concerns call the attendance office at (951) 654-6113 option 3. Remember……    EVERY Day counts!