TK-Kinder Independent Study

Independent Study
  • TK-Kinder: Parent, Student, Teacher and Administrator must sign the contract on or before the student's absence.
  • Contracts can never be signed after the student returns back to school.
  • Student must sign or write their name on the contract. Parents are never allowed to sign the student’s name.NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Only black or blue pens are allowed. No pencil or colored pens!
  • Independent Study contracts cannot be back dated.
  • All contracts must be turned into the front office, faxed, or emailed by 1:30 p.m. of the day that the student is going to be absent. (Please Note: No Exceptions)
  • The student's Independent Study work that is requested can be faxed or emailed back to the parent as soon as we receive the signed Independent Study contract.
  • Pictures taken of the Independent Study contract will not be accepted. Contracts that are emailed must be scanned and sent in PDF form.
TK-Kinder students turn in their completed Independent Study work to their teacher.
All contracts can be faxed to our front office at (951) 755-1631 or you can email it to [email protected]