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Independent Study/Attendance » Secondary Independent Study (6th-12th grade)

Secondary Independent Study (6th-12th grade)

Grades 6-12 will no longer be offering hard copy (paper) Independent Study Contracts.


Please note the steps below to successfully request and complete Independent Study for your secondary student.

Step 1: Provide a request to the school office either in person, via email, or phone call prior to or by 1:30 p.m. on the day the student will be absent.
- Please have the following information available for the office staff: Student full name, Grade level, dates requesting, and reason for requesting IS.

Step 2: An email will be provided to the parent's email (the email registered on Aeries) with a link to sign the electronic Independent Study Contract. This link will direct you to log into your parent Aeries portal to sign the contract. Please sign no later than 1:30 pm.
- Your student will also receive an email with a link to sign the electronic Independent Study
Contract. This link will direct your student to their student Aeries portal to sign the contract.
Please ensure your student signs no later than 1:30 pm.
The following are the instructions on how to sign.
  • Please log into your parent or student Aeries portal
  • On the top look for the three lines, click on the on it and it will pop open a menu
  • On the menu click "Student Information"
  • Then click "Independent Study Agreement"
  • Towards the right of the screen look for "Please Sign"
  • Click on "Please Sign"
  • It will open the signature box, please make sure to check off the small square and sign
  • Then you are done 
Step 3: Once signed, ensure you receive the “Secondary Independent Study Work” packet for your student to complete.
- This is a paper packet for students to complete in order to receive Independent
Study attendance credit for the day(s) requested.
- The packet can be obtained from the SJVA front office or via email from the Independent Study email.

Step 4: Ensure your student submits the completed paper Independent Study work packet to their 3rd/4th period teacher on the day they return to school.

We appreciate your patience with this new process.

Contact information:
SJVA Independent study email: [email protected]
Phone number: 951-654-6113