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What to Expect and Supply List


Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten?
The kindergarten team is ready to support families as they plan to begin their child's academic journey. Kindergarten expectations have changed a lot over the years and a key factor to your child’s success is his or her readiness for school. There are many factors to consider when deciding if your child is ready to begin kindergarten. These factors may include maturity, motor skills, attention span and age. By the end of kindergarten, students will be reading, writing, adding and subtracting. Please click on the Kindergarten Readiness Flyer below for more details: 
English Language Proficiency Assessments (ELPAC)
The ELPAC is a required state test that assesses the English language proficiency of students whose primary language is not English. This is most often determined through the home language survey completed by new enrollments.  ELPAC is made up of two different tests:
1. The Initial ELPAC is given to students who are new to school in California and whose home language survey indicates a language other than English. 
2. The Summative ELPAC is taken each Spring to monitor the ELL's progress until they are reclassified as English proficient. 
The ELPAC tests the following four areas:
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Listening
4. Speaking
The ELPAC helps educators and staff effectively support your child or children at home and at school. For more information, click on the files below:
Kindergarten Goals
During the school year, teachers and staff will encourage curiosity through play and other hands-on activities, which will help students develop foundational questioning and thinking skills. Please click on the Kindergarten Trimester Goals below for a list of what students are expected to learn throughout each trimester:
Kindergarten Supply List