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The IT pathway contains 2 courses: The 11th grade CompTIA course, which allows students to enter as an intern with the skillset needed to handle the jobs they will encounter
11th grade: CompTIA Certification Course
The CompTIA Certification Course is a mostly online student led course, which has the students follow a pathway of instructional material and videos to help them study for the CompTIA A+ Certificate, which is the first certificate any IT technician should get, and equates to about 1 year of experience in the field. For the first semester students will study for the Certification following the curriculum given to them. At the beginning of the second semester students will prepare with practice exams with the support of the IT department, and take the exam. If they do not pass the first time, review will continue for a second shot later in the semester. If passed, students will have their first world recognized industry certification, which gives them advantages applying for any job involving technology.
12th grade: IT Internship
Students work directly with the SJVA IT department in assisting with tickets and projects that are ongoing throughout the year. Students have tiers of support that they are trained on, adding new skills every month until they are completely proficient at solving all tier 1 tickets, and can begin looking at more advanced IT topics. By the end of the year interns should be able to solve problems from printers not printing, to creating new network pathways.