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“Where words fail, music and sound speak.”


Introduction to Audio Production 
Introduction to Audio Production is a High school elective course. Intro to Audio Production is a survey of 3 core subjects in the audio field;  Live Sound, Recording Engineering, and Audio Post Production. This class provides fundamental knowledge about analog and digital audio concepts as it pertains to live sound and studio recording. Introduce you to technological developments that have modernized today’s live sound, recording studio, and audio post-production environments. You will learn a basic understanding of the industry standard recording software, Pro Tools. You will learn about the techniques and plugins of the audio professional. exposure to audio post-production workflows, mixing and balancing concepts. Students will also learn about the wide variety of exciting and rewarding careers in the audio field available to them!


Audio Production 1 
In 2023-2024, SJVA will offer Audio Production 1, a focus course that dives deeper into the concepts, ideas, and methodologies discussed in Intro to Audio Production This class will prepare students for Avid Pro Tools 101 Certification, the industry-recognized credential. This course serves to further inspire and expose students to the many post-secondary educational options and career opportunities and paths in the audio field.


Audio Production 2
Coming soon...


Sound Makers Club
Explore your creativity through the medium of Digital Audio Production! In this club, you will learn how to produce different music genres. Learn tips, tricks, shortcuts, and cheat codes to create musical ideas. Create remixes from popular songs. Learn how to reverse-engineer a sound. Hold recording sessions for students. Club members will be required to volunteer and support school sound events. We will have a club President and VP.


Partnership and Support 
SJVA’s Audio Production Academy is building partnerships with local sound venues, recording studios, and colleges. We are committed to equipping students with the knowledge and skillset to peruse a career in the audio industry. A key component of this endeavor is providing students with the hands-on and real-life audio experience to help them identify a passion in this industry and support their goals in the pursuit of this career. SJVA Audio Production Academy would like to partner with the audio community in an effort to see this program flourish and benefit the community at large. Donations of any kind will continue to help provide students with field trips, upgrade computer technology, music software, and build our very own full-scale production studio. If you'd like to donate audio equipment, host a tour, or visit campus for a talk, contact SJVA’s Director of A/V Technology at [email protected]