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Sports Medicine Internship

Here at San Jacinto Valley Academy, students have the opportunity to apply to become Sports Medicine interns in this program. Any student who shows interest in becoming a Sports Medicine student intern in the after-school program will be given an application to fill out at the start of their 1st year. Each applicant is required to write a brief essay and provide a minimum of three references that are willing to comment on their ability to be successful sports medicine student interns. Applications must be read and signed by the student and their parent/legal guardian. Applications must be returned to the Sports Medicine Instructor by the deadline set. Once the requirements are met, each student will be interviewed by a Sports Medicine Interview Panel to determine acceptance into the program. 
Academy Policy and Course Outline
Sports Medicine Students must make every effort possible to attend and pass all their scheduled
classes. Constant tardiness and/or skipping will not be tolerated. Students will be held
accountable for their behavior in the classroom and will be subject to disciplinary action. All
Sports Medicine Students must maintain the Minimum Eligibility Requirements. If a student
Athletic Trainer is making below 70% in any class, they must attend tutoring for 1 hour a week
until their grade improves. Students are required to create a grade improvement plan. The inability to
complete and improve grades will result in a decrease in clinical hours or removal from clinical,
weekly meetings with the instructor, and no attendance for field trips until grades have improved.
Students are highly encouraged to aim for an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher to meet
collegiate requirements for continuing education in higher education, vocational, or any
other continuing education institution.

All sports medicine students will be required to complete 300 internship hours by the end of the
school year. This will be done in the assignment to a sport for the fall, winter, and spring sports
seasons. Students are encouraged to voice their preferences, but the Athletic Trainers and coach of
each respective sport will have the final say. Assignments will be made and discussed with sports
medicine students prior to the start of each sport. You are required to be present at every practice
and game for your assigned sport. (exceptions will be made only with the approval of Ms. Norma)

Clinical Duties
● Report to the AT Clinic on time
● Check duties board Record ALL treatments
● Assist in taping, treatments and rehabilitation
● Keep AT Clinic clean by following the cleaning schedule
● Do not allow equipment to “walk away” (ex: towels and bottles)
● Do not use or give away keys without permission
● NEVER argue with a coach. It is not your responsibility to make decisions regarding
athlete participation.
On The Feild Duties
The following is a list of expectations for games and practices. Violation of any of these
requirements will result in disciplinary action.

● Complete your assigned job duty
● Keep your head “on a swivel”
● No phones or headphones
● Keep fanny pack or kit stocked with proper equipment
● Pick up trash/foreign objects in your area
● Be quiet and attentive when coaches are talking
● Must ask permission to leave for personal reasons

The majority of athletic training duties occur outside of school hours. It is your responsibility to
find transportation to and from practices and games when needed. School transportation will be
provided for all off-campus events.
Responsibilities and Expectations
Sports Medicine Students should follow all rules given regarding the Athletic Training Clinic
and patient care. There is equipment that should not be used without detailed knowledge of the
treatment performed. These modalities are not toys and should not be adjusted, used, or applied
without the guided supervision of a Certified Athletic Trainer.

● DO NOT take it upon yourself to prescribe any treatments to an athlete. This is the job of
the athletic trainers on staff.
● DO NOT allow athletes to treat themselves using any modality unless specified by an
Athletic Trainer.
● Students who are not knowledgeable about using a modality should not do so until under
the guided supervision of a staff athletic trainer. 
If you are interested in this program or think this may be a fit for you, please see the attached Sports Medicine Internship Handbook for more information and to access the Sports Medicine Student Parent Agreement form.