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Safety and Security » Parking Lot Safety

Parking Lot Safety

Safety and Security
The safety of your child/children is our number one priority. In order to ensure the safety of every student all parents/guardians need to adhere to San Jacinto Valley Academy’s parking lot rules for pick up and drop off procedures.
1.  Our speed limit in the parking lot is 10mph.
2.  There is absolutely no parking of vehicles across San Jacinto Avenue.
3.  There is no loading or unloading of students across San Jacinto Avenue.
4. We ask that you only load and unload students in designated loading and unloading areas.
5. SJVA requires a right turn ONLY when exiting from the parking lot, onto San Jacinto Avenue.
6. Walkers and bicycle riders, with a walking pass, will enter the pedestrian gate nearest the parking lot.
7. Walkers and bicycle riders, with a walking pass, may exit the campus through the walking gate near the elementary play area ONLY.
8.  Do not park in front of the fire gate nearest the school office.