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Holiday Bedtime Stories » Holiday Bedtime Stories

Holiday Bedtime Stories

Ms. Frazzle aka Mrs. Skipworth reads Dinosaur Christmas by Jerry Pallotta

Book Description: Santa Claus remembers a prehistoric time when dinosaurs pulled his sleigh.


Fourth Grade Teacher Mrs. Daniels reads Tree of Cranes by Allen Say

Book Description: A mother in Japan hangs origami cranes from a tree as she shares her experience celebrating the holidays in California with her son.


Middle School English Teacher Ms. Baer reads Elf with illustrations by Kim Smith.

Book Description: Based on the film Elf, this story begins with a human boy who was raised as an elf. When he discovers he was adopted, he goes to New York City to find his biological father who does not believe in elves or Santa Claus.


Second Grade Teacher Mrs. Cioli reads The Slow Globe Family by Jane O’Conner.

Book Description: A small family inside a snow globe and the much larger family outside of the snow globe both hope for snow fall.



Holiday Bedtime Stories