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Holiday Bedtime Stories » Holiday Bedtime Stories

Holiday Bedtime Stories

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Sixth Grade Teacher Mrs. O'Keefe reads "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" by Clement Clarke Moore

Book Description: This is a classic poem describing the events leading up to Christmas morning.

Art Teacher Mrs. Arias reads “Merry Christmas Mom and Dad” by Mercer Mayer.

Book Description: Little Critter does his best to make Christmas just as special for his mom and dad as they make it for him.


Sixth Grade Teacher and Middle School Dean Mrs. Handal reads “The Puppy Who Wanted a Boy” by Jane Thayer.

Book Description: A puppy named Petey only wants a boy for Christmas, but he is not having much luck finding one. Before the day is over, he may get what he wants and more.


Fifth Grade Teacher and Elementary Dean Mrs. Esqueda reads "Grumpy Badger's Christmas" by Paul Bright.

Book Description: Grumpy Badger doesn't want to be bothered, but when a friend is in trouble, nothing can stop him from saving the day.


Fourth Grade Teacher Mrs. Felix reads "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.

Book Description: When a boy loses his mitten in the snow, several animals squeeze into it to keep warm during the winter.


Intervention Coordinator Christine Witt reads “Bear Stays up for Christmas” by Karma Wilson.

Book Description: Bears love their sleep, and this bear is no exception, but Bear is trying his best to stay up for Christmas. With the help of his friends and some holiday cheer, he just might.

International Baccalaureate Spanish Teacher Mrs. Leavitt reads "Qué montón de Tamales!" by Gary Soto.

Book Description: A young girl needs the help of her cousins to get herself out of trouble after she loses something special while making holiday tamales with her family. Mrs. Leavitt reads the Spanish edition while the English edition is displayed.


Fourth Grade Teacher Mrs. Blythe reads "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss.

Book Description: The Grinch hated Christmas, so he decided to take all the Christmas decorations, gifts and food from the Whos in Whoville, but soon after, he would learn that Christmas meant much, much more.


Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Alarcon reads "The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever" by Steven Kroll.

Book Description: Likeminded, two mouse friends join forces to find and decorate the biggest Christmas tree ever.



Transitional Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Atteberry reads "The Snow Tree" by Caroline Repchuk.

Book Description: The forest animals collect colorful items, each representing a part of the now white wintery forest, to decorate a snow tree.



Kindergarten Teacher Mr. Ward reads "Santa’s Reindeer Games" by Samantha Berger.

Book Description: Santa hosts a series of games that reindeer compete in to win the honor of pulling Santa’s sleigh.


Class of 2020 Fifth Ranked Scholar and Published Illustrator Hanna Stephenson reads "The Copper Pig" illustrated by herself and written by Carolyn Straub.

Book Description: A Christian family feels blessed to have just enough money saved for the perfect Christmas tree.


International Baccalaureate Biology Teacher Mrs. Lazear reads "Daddy Christmas and Hanukkah Mama" by Selina Alko.

Book Description: Cultures blend as a little girl shares her experience celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas with her mother and father.


Second Grade Teacher Mrs. Archer reads "Home Alone" by John Hughes.

Book Description: Based on the film “Home Alone,” a young boy faces off against burglars after he is accidently left home alone by his parents during their Christmas vacation.


Substitute Personnel and Public Relations Specialist Ryan Jones reads "Pete the Cat's 12 Groovy Days of Christmas" by James and Kimberly Dean.

Book Description: Pete the Cat gives his friends one awesome gift in each of the days leading up to Christmas.


Front Office Staff Mrs. Hamedih reads "How to Catch an Elf" by Adam Wallace.

Book Description: An elf eludes traps set to catch him.


Ms. Frazzle aka Mrs. Skipworth reads "Dinosaur Christmas" by Jerry Pallotta.

Book Description: Santa Claus remembers a prehistoric time when dinosaurs pulled his sleigh.


Fourth Grade Teacher Mrs. Daniels reads "Tree of Cranes" by Allen Say.

Book Description: A mother in Japan hangs origami cranes from a tree as she shares her experience celebrating the holidays in California with her son.


Middle School English Teacher Ms. Baer reads "Elf" with illustrations by Kim Smith.

Book Description: Based on the film "Elf," this story begins with a human boy who was raised as an elf. When he discovers he was adopted, he goes to New York City to find his biological father who does not believe in elves or Santa Claus.


Second Grade Teacher Mrs. Cioli reads "The Slow Globe Family" by Jane O’Conner.

Book Description: A small family inside a snow globe and the much larger family outside of the snow globe both hope for snow fall.



Holiday Bedtime Stories