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San Jacinto Valley


ATTENTION SJVA Class of 2016 SENIORS & Class of 2017 JUNIORS

Use Enrichment time available everyday of the week to:

-Receive guidance on scholarship applications.
-Get feedback on your essays.
-Connect with your counselors.
-Get your questions answered.
-Get some Wolf Pack motivation!

TIME: Regular Days 3:20-4:40 and Thursdays 12:30-2:00 starting Thursday,
August 13th through Friday, September 18th

PLACE: Room # 23
Where to Find Scholarships:
Our SJVA Website at has various resources for you. Here are the steps:
1. Go under “Departments” to click on “Counseling.”
2. Click on “Scholarship Info 2015-16.”
3. Here will be listed a document called “Scholarships-- SJVA Website.xlsx,” which is an Excel    database of scholarships organized by the month that the scholarship opens.
4. If you are interested in Leadership Opportunities to boost your resumes, go to “Links” after Step 1.
5. Pull down under the “Change Section” Bar to “Senior (or Junior) Leadership Opportunities.” Here you will find many links to opportunities similar to Girls/Boys State and youth leadership
Come meet us half way! Use the time we have together to meet the deadlines.
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