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Smarter Balanced Assessment System

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How to access detailed information on a student’s state test (SBAC)


Log in to the parent portal or student portal here.

hover over the “Test Scores” tab on top of the page

Click on “Test Details”

From here you can select the year you would like to see. “SPRG19” would be Spring 2019. You can also see how the student performed in each of the sections within English Language Arts and Mathematics.

Click on “Print” button on the top right to see a detailed report of the students’ scores. This will create a document that shows where the student is on meeting the standard for that test.

To find out more information on these reports please click on the links below
Understanding Student Scores

To understand your students’ scores, and see how you student is performing compared to Riverside County or the state of California, navigate here.

First, you can look up students' scores by selecting the year, county, district and school. The year under "Select Year" is the beginning of the wanted school year. If you do not see the desired school year available, check back later for updates.

You can also compare results by clicking on the “Compare Test Results” tab at the top of the page.

From here, you can add many different results to compare. To start adding, you can click on “Add State to Comparison” to add state scores, and then select a school and click “Add to comparison.”

This shows that I am running a report that shows the comparison between the State of California and San Jacinto Valley Academy.

Click “Compare Now” to run the report.

From here, you can filter by year, grade and student group to refine your search.

For more information for parents, please click below.