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San Jacinto Valley

Graduation Requirements » Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

SJVA Graduation Requirements


English:                                             4 Years (English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4)

Mathematics:                                     3 Years (Math 1, Math 2, Math 3 OR third year of math)

History:                                              3 Years (World History, U.S. History, 1 SEM. Economics, 1 SEM. Government)

Science:                                            2 Years (1 Year Life, 1 Year Physical)

Language:                                         2 Year foreign language

(other than English)


Visual and Performing Arts:              1 Year of VPA or an extra year of  foreign language


Physical Education:                          2 Years


College Prep Elective:                      None


Electives:                                          70 Credits


Service Learning:                              80 hours (or 20 each year enrolled at SJVA 9-12)


GPA:                                                SJVA G.P.A 2.0 OR HIGHER


TOTAL CREDITS:                                  230 Credits



Course Pathways
Download and print out our course pathways below. Each column, after subject, represents a different pathway.