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Vincent, Aaron » Introduction to Mr. Vincent

Introduction to Mr. Vincent

My name is Mr. Vincent and I am a Biology and Honors Biology teacher for incoming freshman. This will be my second year teaching Biology and I am very excited to teach you all more about the sciences.
A little bit about my history, I received my Bachelors Degree from Brigham Young University- Hawaii (BYU-H) where I majored in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, Education, and Biochemistry. I then went to Azusa Pacific University where I got both my credential for single subject- biology, and also my Masters in Digital Education.
During my time at my undergraduate program, I spent two years tutoring biology and got brought back after graduation to teach the introductory biology course for BYU-H. I also had the opportunity to do several research trips for the biology program including going to Saipan to do a Marine Biodiversity Diving project. I was able to do this two years in a row and was able to be one of the leaders on the second trip.
During this year, we will be doing several experiments and building projects that will encourage deeper level of thought and higher expectations of student work. Be prepared for a fun year but be prepared also to work.
Mr. Vincent