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Student-Athlete of the Year

Here at San Jacinto Valley Academy, our Athletes must be good students first and foremost. We are proud of all our Student-Athletes but we like to recognize those that go above and beyond what is already expected of them to play sports.

Congratulations to those who have won this honor from our very first Graduating class to present.




Steven Penner
Nicollette Zuniga





Paul Fitzpatrick-Varsity
Amanda Escalera-Varsity
Nathan Fitzpatrick-Middle School
Jazmyn Lacy-Middle School


Paul Fitzpatrick-Varsity
Amanda Escalera-Varsity
Alec Williams-Middle School
Juliette Okel-Middle School


Jacob "Jambo" Giambaresi-Varsity
Kalianna Lesa-Varsity
James Okel-Middle School
Anaya Crouch-Middle School

Noah Fitzpatrick-Varsity
Kalianna Lesa-Varsity
Emmanuel Green-Middle School
Shyann Morreo-Middle School



Noah Fitzpatrick-Male Varsity

Kalianna Lesa-Female Varsity

Emmanuel Green-Male Middle School 

Alyssa Moise-Female Middle School


2017-2018 Scholar Athlete Award

High School: 

Max Arostegui, Steven Regla, Oscar Martin, John Carlberg, Kobe Hamedih, Kalianna Lesa

Brianna Acevedo, Angie Gonzalez, Jeremiah Juarez, Tiffany Ruddell, Emmanuel Green, McKenna Anady, Alex Zarate, Savannah Naasz, Sebastian Camacho, Abbey Ward, Sydney Wheeler, Bailey Banks


Middle School:

Krislyn Mozga, Kalia Anady, Landon Naasz, Tessa Metzger, Ricardo Lozano, Lilyana Contreras, David Anady