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Athletics » Student-Athlete of the Year

Student-Athlete of the Year

Here at San Jacinto Valley Academy, our Athletes must be good students first and foremost. We are proud of all our Student-Athletes but we like to recognize those that go above and beyond what is already expected of them to play sports.

In order to qualify for nomination of Student-Athlete of the Year, you must have played 2 or more Sports during the current Academic Year and must have a 3.0 GPA or higher.

Congratulations to those who have won this honor from our very first Graduating class to present.




Steven Penner
Nicollette Zuniga





Paul Fitzpatrick-Varsity
Amanda Escalera-Varsity
Nathan Fitzpatrick-Middle School
Jazmyn Lacy-Middle School


Paul Fitzpatrick-Varsity
Amanda Escalera-Varsity
Alec Williams-Middle School
Juliette Okel-Middle School


Jacob "Jambo" Giambaresi-Varsity
Kalianna Lesa-Varsity
James Okel-Middle School
Anaya Crouch-Middle School

Noah Fitzpatrick-Varsity
Kalianna Lesa-Varsity
Emmanuel Green-Middle School
Shyann Morreo-Middle School



Noah Fitzpatrick-Male Varsity

Kalianna Lesa-Female Varsity

Emmanuel Green-Male Middle School 

Alyssa Moise-Female Middle School