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San Jacinto Valley


Sports Eligibility Requirements

The following is an overview of student eligibility to participate in athletics per the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and SJVA policy rules:
SJVA follows all CIF-SS policies in regards to enrollment, transfers and age requirements.
Important Terms 
  • Student-Athlete who meets the grading and attendance requirements as well as adheres to the discipline & commitment policy.  
  • Student-athlete may participate in all practice, sporting events and team activities.
Academic Redshirt:
  • Student-Athlete who does not meet one of the four sections of eligibility.
  • Required to continue to practice with and maintain full commitment to his/her team, but may not compete or travel until they are cleared and made a full qualifier.
  • Student-Athlete who is not eligible to practice, play or travel with the team
I. Academic Eligibility Requirements
Bi-weekly progress reports, triad grades and semester grades will determine student-athlete eligibility for each two-week period. To maintain full eligibility, student-athletes must maintain a 2.2 total GPA with no D's or F’s in any class. 
A. Bi-Weekly Progress Report: 
      • If students do not meet the above mentioned eligibility requirements when bi-weekly progress reports are released, they will be considered an academic redshirt. They will not be considered for reclassification until the next bi-weekly progress report is released.
      • Students who fail to meet the eligibility requirement for two consecutive bi-weekly grading periods will automatically be considered an academic redshirt for the following 6 weeks. 
      • If there is a dispute over a grade at the time of the bi-weekly progress report due to an absence or a grade that has not been entered, the student-athlete may go to his/her teacher (THAT DAY) and get the teacher to initial next to their grade, which would indicate that the actual grade is higher than what is currently showing in the grade book. If the student-athlete does not get the grade changed or an initial from the teacher on the day the bi-weekly progress report is released they will be considered an academic redshirt for the next two-week period. 
      • At the time of the bi-weekly progress report, if the student-athlete is not at the minimum requirement for Odyssey, they will be considered a non-qualifier until they catch up to the minimum requirement. The student-athlete will not be permitted to attend practice and must attend Extended Enrichment until they are caught up on all of their Odyssey classes. 
B. D's, F's and Missing Assignments 
      • Students enrolled in Odyssey are required to complete the program at a minimum pace of 15% per week.
      • Student-athletes enrolled in multiple Odyssey classes will be considered a non-qualifier until they have only a single odyssey class left to complete. 
      • If a student-athlete has a D or an F, they will not be permitted to attend practices or games until that grade is brought up. 
      • If a student-athlete has multiple missing assignments, they will not be permitted to attend practices or games until their assignments are turned in. 
II. Attendance Requirements
  • Any student-athletes who has three unexcused absences must attended a mandatory meeting with the athletic department and their parent/guardian to review the future impact of additional unexcused absences. A fourth unexcused absence will classify the student as a non-qualifier. Future eligibility will be determined by the Athletic Department based on the student attendance records. 
  • Three tardies will count as one absence. Tardies are reset at the start of each new triad. 
  • In order for a student-athlete to be eligible to compete in a sporting event, they must have been present for a minimum of 4 periods on the day of the sporting event. If the Student-Athlete only has 5 periods, they must have been present for a minimum of 3 periods. 
  • If a student-athlete is absent from school on the day of a test or quiz, the student-athlete is responsible for making up the missed test or quiz within two school days of their return. If an assignment or homework was due on the day the student-athlete was absent they are responsible to hand in the assignment the day they get back to school.
  • For every day the student-athlete is absent, they will have two school days to make up any missing tests or quizzes and one day to hand in any missing assignments, unless the grading period is coming to an end. In this case, the student-athlete is to follow teacher instructions for making up missing tests or quizzes.
III. Discipline Policy 
A. Detentions and Suspensions
There are four levels of discipline:
Level 1: First after school detention results in a warning from the AD and coach. 
Level 2: Second after school detention results in game suspension. 
Level 3: Third after school detention results in game suspension and meeting with AD and parents.
Level 4: Fourth after school detention results in removal from the athletic program as well as a meeting with AD, parents and admin. 
Students may be eligible once again if cleared by the deans.
IV. Commitment Policy 
  • Once a student-athlete accepts and signs out a uniform, they are required to maintain their commitment to the team for the full length of the season.
  • Any student-athlete who stops showing up to team events or decides to quit the team will have an SST meeting with their parents, the coach, the athletic department and admin. The SST may determine whether or not the student will be reclassified as a non-qualifier for the remainder of the school year. 
V. Pre-Participation Requirements
Prior to participating in athletics, SJVA requires all potential student-athletes to have the following:
    1. An active physical 
    2. A completed electronic sports packet for the current school year.