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The NCAA Eligibility Center purpose is to ensure that college-bound student-athletes as well as coaches and administrators understand the requirements to participate in NCAA Divisions I and II athletics. Follow the steps below to complete the NCAA Eligibility Center process:

  1. Go here to the NCAA Eligibility Center website.
  2. Select the correct year, and create a new account (under checklist in middle of screen).

  3. Complete Registration (under checklist create account). Make sure that your information is completely honest and accurate.

  4. Ask your counselor to send a copy of your transcript at the end of your 11th grade year.

  5. Take the SAT and/or ACT by the end of your junior year or by beginning of your senior year at the latest.

  6. You must send your SAT and/or ACT scores via directly to NCAA Eligibility Center. Scores sent from San Jacinto Valley Academy High School are not official and will not be accepted by them.

  7. Review the Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete.

  8. San Jacinto Valley Academy's 6-digit code is 054027.

  9. Review the division 1 or division 2 core GPA and Test Score Sliding Scale to ensure that you have met eligibility requirements.

  10. Have your counselor send your final transcript at the end of your senior year. You will be required to turn in a senior survey at the end of your senior year stating the college that you are attending, and if you need to send transcripts to the NCAA Eligibility Center or any other parties. You will turn in a transcript request form at that time for final transcripts.