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SJVA Athlete Development

San Jacinto Valley Academy is committed to providing experiences and opportunities intended to help our student-athletes receive athletic scholarships in college. Here is a list of some of the clinics, showcases and trainings that SJVA has athletes to in previous years to help their personal development and chances of receiving scholarships; 
United States Powerlifting (USAPL) High School Nationals
  • 2018-2019 was the first year of SJVA's powerlifting club created by Mr. Ilardi.
  • After months of training SJVA purchased a USAPL Membership for Abbey Ward. Abbey competed for the first time at Convoy Strength in February 2019 and in that competition successfully qualified for Nationals based on her total from her best Bench, Squat & Deadlift Attempts.
  • In March 2019 SJVA sent Abbey Ward to Louisiana to compete in USAPL High School Nationals in which she successfully completed all 9 of her attempts, and finished with 3 lifetime PR's.
UA Baseball Factory @ Vanguard University 
  • Sent three Varsity Baseball players to Baseball Factory workout. Workout included; Skills Evaluation, Personal Evaluation Review, recruiting Consultation, College Recruiting Seminar, Scouted for Future Player Development Events, Player Profile Webpage. 
  • Example Video: 
  • Results: John Carlberg currently playing baseball @ La Sierra University. Other two students are currently seniors, considering options for next year.
UA Volleyball Factory: San Diego California
2017, 2018 & 2019 - Varsity Track Summer Clinics
  • 2017: UCI- Throwers Camp & Speed Camp - Sent 5 Varsity Track & Field Athletes
  • 2018- Golden West College- Throwers Camp - Sent 4 Varsity Track & Field Athletes
  • 2019- Golden West College- Throwers Camp- Sent 4 Varsity Track & Field Athletes
  • Results: Kalianna Lesa committed to UCR & earned a spot on Track & Field team for Shot-put & Discus.
California Baptist University - Varsity Cheer Camp
  • Sent Varsity Cheer team to 3 day cheer camp on CBU Campus. Team stayed at CBU dorms for duration of camp.
  • Worked with CBU Cheer coaches in following areas; Sideline cheers, tumbling, jumps, team building, game day performance routines, etc.
  • Also included CBU recruiting tryout and full assessment of stunting skills.
LA Galaxy Private Training- Varsity Boys & Girls Soccer 
  • Both Varsity teams traveled to Carson, CA  for private workout with the LA Galaxy youth development coaches.  La Galaxy trainers did full skill evaluation of individual players and teams as a whole, introduced new drills and practice routines, and worked with individual positions. 
University of St Katherine's Volleyball Clinic
  • During the Summer 2019 - SJVA had USK Head Coach & Former Olympic Beach Volleyball player Karolyn Kirby come out and lead two clinics. 
  • The first week long clinic was for coaches development. Giving coaches insight on how to improve their practice plans, practice routines, pre-game routines. How to teach specific skills, what to look for, team and player expectations, etc.
  • The second week long clinic was with the Varsity Volleyball team. Players were given an evaluation by coach Kirby and were able to have individual feedback and corrections to their approaches and skills during both drills and team scrimmages. 
UCR Elite ID Soccer Camp
  • Sent 5 High School Senior Varsity Soccer players to UCR Elite Soccer Camp. 
  • The UCR Elite ID Camp is designed to provide premier collegiate prospects with an exceptional training environment as they prepare for college soccer.  Featuring a staff of UCR coaches, other college head and assistant coaches, as well as current UCR student-athletes.  The camp is carefully planned to push every player to their highest level with a focus on technically and tactically advanced individuals.  Campers to get a glimpse of what life is like as a student-athlete at the Division 1 level.
Krossover Video - Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball
  • SJVA utilizes the Krossover Video service for all game film for Varsity Basketball. Coaches have the ability to submit their game film to be broken down per possession or per player by Krossover to use for team film studies. 
  • Krossover also allows coaches to create a highlight reel for individual players that can be sent to college coaches and scouts to get a look at our basketball players. 
  • Example Player Reel:
College & Professional Sporting Events Attending
To give our student-athletes a broader perspective on the commitment, dedication, and expectations that come with playing at higher levels, we like to expose them to these environments, especially at the college level- which also gives them a chance to check out the campus and have a better idea of where they want to go to school later on.
Here is a list of some of the games that SJVA athletics has attended in previous years.
  • 2017 - Baseball & Softball Angels Game
  • 2017 -  Varsity Boys & Girls Basketball - Lakers Game2017
  • Varsity Boys Soccer- UCR Game
  • 2017 - Varsity Girls Soccer- UCLA Soccer Game
  • 2017 - Varsity Girls Basketball- USC Basketball Game
  • 2018- Varsity Girls Volleyball- UCI Volleyball Game
  • 2018- Varsity Girls Basketball - UCR Basketball Game
NCSA- Next College Student Athlete Seminar
  • SJVA had former D1 & NFL player Julian Jenkins come out to campus to talk to student-athletes and parents about how to get discovered by college coaches. 
  • The seminar included; When to start the recruiting process, where to search for athletic opportunities, how to talk to college coaches, how to attract scholarship offers. 
  • Students also had their pictures taken and profiles created on NCSA.

Professional Video
  • Upon request - SJVA is willing to help our student-athletes complete scouting videos to send off to college coaches. SJVA brings in a videographer who will video the student-athlete completing a series of drills and routines specific to their sport. From there the student-athlete has the ability to work with our IT department, and choose which clips they want to use for their video. The IT department will cut the video for the athlete and create the highlight reel.
  • The student will then have his/her video available to send to college coaches or to upload to their NCSA profile.
  • The Southern California Golf Association empowers young people through the game of golf. The staff and volunteers teach golf as well as necessary qualities needed in life. Part of the SCGA's mission statement is "develop the youth through golf." If interested please contact Kailee Ward at