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Audio Engineering

Audio Engineering
Dr. Andre Myers, Instructor
Sound Design

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of computerized sound design in a fun and engaging way. Learn about frequency and amplitude envelopes, digital sound editing techniques, and creating sound effects for film. No previous experience required. 

Film Scoring 
Learn how to compose music for cartoons and movies in this fun and hands-on course. Identify visual cues, plot sync points, and tell a story with music in visual media. No previous experience required. 


Year-End Summary
This year students composed music and made sound effects for broadcast news, cartoons, and character studies using Garage Band. In musical styles as diverse as jazz, pop, rock, hip-hop, and EDM, our students explored music and sound through a myriad of creative approaches. We explored pitch, rhythm, timbre, phrase, register, amplitude, and frequency modulation to creative effect in film scoring and sound designing projects. In Sound Design, some of my favorite projects prompts were:


Create a sound for a computer booting up/ powering down.
Create an argument between two different sounding robots. 
Create a “you win” sound for a video game/ create a “you lose” sound.
Create the ambient sounds of an alien planet.
Create a corporate sound logo. (e.g. Intel) 


In Film Scoring our creative work focused on one long-form Tom&Jerry cartoon. If I were to teach the course again, I would try to identify shorter and more contemporary animations for the students to score. That said, the kids did very well with it! My favorite times in Film Scoring were when I let them compose on their own because the musical results were often better than I could have otherwise prescribed in a prompt.