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Educational Support » Odysseyware and Enrichment Information

Odysseyware and Enrichment Information

The academic success of all of our students hinges on teamwork and collaboration. Extended Enrichment, Academic Saturday School and Odysseyware enrollment depends on the agreements and decisions made between students, teachers, administrators and counselors. We work diligently to recognize students who need additional support as well as foster the skills of students who are excelling and successfully advance their achievements. Please review the descriptions below to learn more about the programs we have to help support our students. 


Enrichment/Extended Enrichment 


SJVA provides students with Enrichment and Extended Enrichment to help both remediate and accelerate student learning.  In lieu of in-person instruction, teachers will host Enrichment  an hour and a half after school each day to work one-on-one with their students from 1:50 p.m. to 3:20 p.m. After Enrichment, Extended Enrichment, supervised and facilitated by our Intervention Coordinators, continues to assist students after school with the help of tutors. Please contact your teachers for more information.  

Academic Saturday School


Students who are struggling academically will have the opportunity for extended support on Saturdays. Students attend four hours of Saturday School where both teachers and tutors are present to ensure students are meeting their academic goals.  




Why Odysseyware | Odysseyware


Odysseyware is a fully accredited online learning academy for high school students. It is a personalized alternative education program tailored to help students obtain both graduation and A-G course credits. SJVA utilizes Odysseyware to offer courses in certain situations and for those few students that end the semester below a C- and need additional support to meet the A-G graduation requirements. Select "Odysseyware" from the right side bar to be taken to the Osysseyware login page.