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Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Search Engines 

The search engines listed below can help you find scholarships based on age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, military affiliation, employer, financial need, scholarship amount, attendance, GPA, honors organization, SAT score, artistic ability, scholarship amount, school year, special attributes, student organization, etc. Refer to the descriptions and links below to access some of our favorite scholarship search engines.


United Negro College Fund

EduMed-College Scholarships and Resources for Women 

Discovery 20 scholarship opportunities for women interested in studying fields in healthcare as well as other valuable academic and career resources.

The Scholarship System-The Ultimate List of Scholarships for Women and Girls

Search scholarships for STEM, teaching, business, medicine and more.

College Board Opportunity Scholarships

Learn more about the College Board Opportunity Scholarships and apply to earn funds.

Chapman University-Fowler Engineering Scholarships

Earn money for mapping out your college plans. Individual tasks can pay you from $500 to $2000. When you have completed all tasks, you may be eligible for a $40,000 scholarship.

Bard College Berlin-AP Capstone Scholarship

Up to 90 percent of tuition for 4 years can be waved for students completing the AP Capstone program and applying to Bard College Berlin. The highest award amounts are reserved for students with the following AP subject combination: math, a language, natural science and social science.