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Coronavirus Information » High School Distance Learning Opportunities

High School Distance Learning Opportunities

Distance Learning Plan - Middle and High School
A distance learning plan has been developed to help to provide increased structure, expectations, and support to ensure the success of all students. 
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The following is a list of resources and learning opportunities to help High School students during this time of distance learning.
Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows teachers to video chat with students. Joining is simple and can be done in a number of ways.
Teachers can give a meeting ID and a password. Once on the zoom website, you can click "Join a meeting" enter the meeting ID, and follow the prompts to connect to your teacher.
Alternatively teachers may send a link which you can click on, that will take you to the meeting that teachers have set up.
There is also a zoom app on the play store and apple store, that allows you to easily use a cellphone to connect to the meetings
Important: If you have a SJVA chromebook, when going to zoom it may direct you to the chrome app store to install the zoom chrome app. This will be block. To use zoom on a SJVA chromebook, go to, and join the meeting through the web browser.
Clever (Single sign on software - All High School)
Clever allows students to quickly and efficiently log in to different student programs. Single sign on means the student has to log in once through the clever portal using their google accounts, and they will have access to all the programs within their dashboard, without having to sign in again.
Students can click on any program in their dashboard (Pictured above) and it will take them directly to the program, and sign them in. It is a centralized location for most of the schools programs, and a great place to start in supporting student learning at home.
Achieve 3000 - ELA - (All High School: Accessed through the clever portal)
Achieve 3000 is an English Language Arts program that gives students access to hundreds of articles on different topics, and then present them questions to test comprehension of the article. Teachers are also able to monitor student progress, and assign different topics to help support learning at home.
Icivics - Social Studies - (All High School: Accessed through the clever portal)
Icivics is the social studies curriculum. It operates in a similar way to achieve 3000. Students are added into classes, and are able to engage in different activities centered around social studies. Teachers can also place activities in their feed, for learning opportunities at home.
Turnitin (All High School: Accessed through the turnitin website)
Turnitin is a software that students use to submit their essays or assignment. The software detects potential plagiarism and checks the integrity of the work. 
Study Sync - ELA - (All High School: Accessed through the website)
Study sync is the online curriculum used in the high school for ELA. It allows students to find reading and writing opportunities. Teachers have access to present learning opportunities to their students through this software. 
Khan Academy - Math - (All High School: Access through the website or through the clever portal)
Khan academy is a widely used math resource that contains hundreds of instructional math videos. Students are able to look up a specific topic they are having trouble with, or can click "Course" and start a course on a topic that they want to try. A course will give them a string of videos, and then present them practice problems to check their understanding. It is a great resource to support learning at home.