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Coronavirus Information » Google Classroom Information

Google Classroom Information

Google classroom is one of the primary ways in which teachers are deploying distance learning resources during the school closure. To access google classroom, students will need to be able to log into their google accounts. If they can not log in, please refer to this resource
to log in to google classroom please click here
Once logged in, you should see the classes available for your student. If a class is missing please reach out to your child's teacher. 
Click on the class you want to view.
Here, you will see a list of learning opportunities for you child to go through. Teachers are able to post videos, tasks your child can complete, etc.. 
Students are able to submit work they have done to the teacher by clicking on the "Add or create" button as shown in the image above, and the teacher is able to give feedback to the student. It is a great resource to support learning during the school closure.