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Coronavirus Information » SJVA Student Google Account Information

SJVA Student Google Account Information

All students have a SJVA google account they can use to access google classroom, gmail, clever, google docs, etc. It is a useful tool for the student to stay in contact with their teacher, and to access important resources to support them in the distance learning environment.
Students with an SJVA chromebook, will automatically be signed in to google. When using a home computer, go to and press the button in the top right that says "Sign in"
If you do not know your child's SJVA email please follow these steps:
To find your child's email, log in to the Aeries parent portal. Find the "Student Info" tab on top of the page and click on "Demographics"
Scroll down to "Student Contact Info" and their email should be displayed. If you can not find the email, or have issues with the parent portal, please reach out to your child's teacher.
If the student does not know their password
If the student does not know the password to log in to the account, they can try clicking on "Forgot password" to enter in the last password they remember. If that fails, please reach out to their teacher.
If the student has never signed in before
Please reach out to your student's teacher.
Once signed in to google students are able to create google docs, google slides, other google software, and it gives access to student resources such as google classroom, clever (single sign on for students), and others.