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Heartland Electronic Time Cards

To access timecard please visit the following URL
If you forget your password, please click on the "Forgot Password" link

Instructions for Employees – Heartland Time Cards


Please click here for a pdf for detailed instructions from Heartland.


Reviewing and submitting timecard

Log in to your timecard by navigating to
Review all times are accurate and the timecard is not missing any punches. If a punch needs to be added, check in with your supervisor to make the change.
Click submit on the top right of the page
If your timecard gets rejected by your supervisor, log in to the system, reopen the timecard, and see your supervisor to make the changes required.


Submitting time off

Log in to your timecard
Click on the “Add Time Off” button near the top right of the timecard.
Select the time off type.
Do not select “All Day”, otherwise it will default to 8 hours deducted.
Select the start time of your shift. For the end time, put in the next time you would clock out. (either clocking out for the day or the beginning of your lunch). If you have a lunch you will need to submit another absence for the second part of the day.
Make sure you put what the reason for the absence in the comment, or put any information relevant to the absence
Make sure you check heartland for any updates on your absence.
If the absence is rejected, navigate to "Time Off", click on the edit button, and click on the history tab at the top of the page. Here you will see any notes left by your supervisor.
To edit the absence

Click the "Time Off" menu on the left.

Click on the edit icon to the right of the absence.

Click on the edit button on the bottom of the absence.




**For Supervisors**


Please click here for detailed instructions from heartland.


Heartland training videos for supervisors:

(For all videos please use the password "gethired")


For training on the dashboard please click here.

For training on team time sheets please click here.

For training on team time off please click here.