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9th - 12th Grade: High School » Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Student Google Account

All students have an SJVA Google account. With that account, students can access Google Classroom, Gmail, Clever, Google docs, and more. Click here to log in:


Clever allows students to quickly and efficiently log in to different student programs. Single sign-on means the student has to log in once through the clever portal using their google accounts, and they will have access to all the programs within their dashboard, without having to sign in again. Click here to log in to Clever 

Achieve 3000

Achieve 3000 provides high-interest reading articles, which are at your specific reading level.  Achieve 3000 teaches students how to improve their reading level through its computer-adaptive abilities.  Student log in through their Clever account and use their account.  

Khan Academy 

Khan Academy “provides free video tutorials and interactive exercises” that cover many subjects and are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Click here for access

Revision Assistant

Revision Assistant is a computer-assisted writing program. Students go through the writing process and receive immediate feedback on their writing through the “signal check” feature.

Google Classroom 

Google classroom is one of the primary ways in which teachers are deploying distance learning resources during school closure. To access Google Classroom, students will need to be able to log in to their google accounts. If they can not log in, please refer to this resource to log in to google classroom please click here


Nearpod is a resource that some teachers use to create digital lessons.  This creates an interactive experience for students as if they were in the classroom. They can participate in live discussions, go on virtual field trips, and much more.


Quill is a computer-assisted program that helps students with their grammar and language conventions.  After completing the diagnostic test, students are assigned specific lessons based on their current abilities.

Smarter Balanced Digital Library

The digital library is a place where students can practice their skills in preparation for the CAASP for both English and Math.