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Career and Personality Inventories


Career and Personality Inventories 


Knowing yourself will allow you to understand the skills you already possess that will make you thrive in a career.  It will also allow you to identify areas you may want to improve on, in order to pursue the career of your dreams.  Find out what you are all about!



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MyNextMove: Start with the section “I’m not really sure” to take the O*Net Interest Profiler and match your likes to occupations.


The California CareerZone offers information on a multitude of careers or occupations. It also contains self-assessments or personality inventories to help you identify your strengths and guide you to a career.  This site also has a budgeting area, where you can see the money you need to cover your daily living costs and what careers would cover them.


Eureka: Labor Market Information that is greatly beneficial to students, educators and workers alike


CaCareerCafe: A Virtual Career Center for California Community College Students
CareerOneStop: Online career tools include the “Skills Profiler” to gauge what skills you have that may interest employers.
The RIASEC Test: Find out what Career Pathway is right for you based on your interests.
Using the Myer Briggs philosophy find out your personality type and the kind of careers that would most suit you.
Understand your temperament: Explore your temperament according to Keirsey's Theory
Get a quick snapshot of your career personality: This photo-only career quiz gives you a quick way to find your interests
Quickly measure your Big 5 personality traits: This short, free test shows you where you fall on each of the Big 5 factors of personality.