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San Jacinto Valley


Emergency Drill Practice

Dear San Jacinto Valley Academy Parent(s) or Guardian(s):


The safety and welfare of our students and staff are our highest priority. In order to maintain a safe environment for our students to study and learn, it is necessary that we practice our emergency and crisis response plans routinely. Emergency and fire drills are conducted with our students to exercise our procedures. 


The following are the specific emergency drills that will be conducted throughout the school year:


  • Evacuation
  • Lockdown 
  • Earthquake drill
  • Lockdown & Barricade


We want each student to be aware of the importance of emergency drills and not be afraid during such incidents. The goals of the training drills are to improve our ability to protect students, save lives and reduce injuries. 


Please remember that these safety practice drills are conducted to help maintain The San Jacinto Valley Academy as a safe place to learn and work. 


If for you have any questions regarding any of these drills or other safety concerns, please contact the following:


Elementary School Dean           Middle School Dean          High School


Lindsay Anady                          Vlandita Lozano                 James Moore   

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