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San Jacinto Valley


Sports Eligibility Requirements


SJVA Sports Eligibility

The following is an overview of student eligibility to participate in athletics per the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and SJVA policy rules.


Standard of Eligibility (Enrollment)

  • Student athletes must be enrolled full time (minimum 20 units) at the school for which they are competing (Bylaws 201 and 205)
  • Students must be on the attendance roll for 15 days or more in classes at SJVA.
  • If student athlete participates in a fall sport and participates in tryouts or practice prior to the school year, the student will be considered enrolled if they have registered for, and are enrolled, as a full time student.
  • For eligibility purposes, students cannot have dual enrollment in two different schools at the same time.
Transfers (Varsity Sports): A student who has attended another school, played in an athletic contest, and is now fully enrolled and attending SJVA.
  • Athletic Director will submit a transfer form to CIF.
  • CIF will determine if the student will be eligible to participate in athletics or have a sit out period.
Age requirement (Varsity Sports):
  • Students who are 14 and under will have to have a waiver signed by a doctor and parent indicating if they are mature enough to participate in athletics.
  • A student, whose 19th birthday is attained prior to June 15, shall not participate or practice on any team in the following year.
  • A student, who whose 19th birthday is on or before June 14, is ineligible.
Scholastic Eligibility (MS & Varsity)
  • Maintain a 2.2 GPA
  • No D’s or F’s
  • Grades are based only on the school wide grading period (6 weeks)
  • Students who are ineligible due to grades will not be able to participate in athletic contest until they meet the grade requirements on the next school wide grading period.
  • If a student is a transfer, there last official grade at their prior school will determine eligibility.
Athletic Sports Clearance Packet (MS & Varsity): Students must have this packet completed prior to the student going out to voluntary workouts or before the first day of tryouts (whatever comes first). The packet includes:
  • After school sports/medical treatment/waiver
  • Substance abuse policy agreement
  • Residential eligibility
  • Athletes permission slip
  • Code of ethics
  • Sports agreement
  • Athletic clearance signature
  • Athletes with special needs/health history
  • Physical exam/clearance forms (signed by doctor)
  • Proof of insurance/athletic emergency information
  • Concussion information/return to play protocol.