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San Jacinto Valley


Athletic Staff & Coaching Directory

Athletic Department:

Athletic Director
Charles Ilardi
Jason Espinosa
Athletic Field & Equipment Coordinators
Eric Pinedo
2017-2018 Coaching Staff: To contact a head coach simply type the first letter of their first name followed by their full last name  (Ex.
Fall Sports:

Varsity Football
Head CoachPhilip Avalos (  )
Assistant Coach: Mike Viani
Assistant Coach: Cruz Estanislao 
Varsity Girls Volleyball
Head CoachJeanette Quintana
Assistant Coach: Suzy Stepanian
Varsity Cross Country
Head CoachHeather Vigil
Assistant Coach: Gabe Vigil
Assistant Coach:Robert Hatcher
Varsity Cheer:
Head Coach: Sherrie Spranger
Assistant Coach: Jennifer Fletcher
Middle School Flag Football:
Head Coach: Richard Chhunry
Assistant Coach: Chase Raineri
Middle School Girls Volleyball:
Head Coach: Christine Witt
Assistant Coach: Evie Wyse
Middle School Cheer:
Head Coach: Jessica Riddle
Assistant Coach: 
Winter Sports:

Varsity Girls Basketball
Head Coach: William Smith
Assistant CoachShanequa McCauley

Varsity Boys Basketball
Head CoachAntonio "Ace" Moise
Assistant Coach: Cruz Estanislao 

Varsity Boys Soccer
Head Coach: Travis Navarro
Assistant Coach: 

Varsity Girls Soccer
Head Coach: Layla Naasz
Middle School Baseball
Head Coach: Joseph Escarsega
Assistant Coach: 
Middle School Softball
Head Coach: Reuben Felipe
Assistant Coach: Tara Felipe

Spring Sports: 
Varsity Golf
Head Coach: Dennis Chavez
Assistant Coach: Christine Witt
Varsity Baseball
Head Coach: Reuben Felipe
Assistant Coach: Joseph Escarsega
Assistant Coach: Travis Navarro
Varsity Softball
Head Coach: Sam Carbajal
Assistant Coach: Tawnee McCoy
Varsity Track
Head Coach: Shok Lesa
Assistant Coach: Bob Sommers
Assistant Coach: 
Varsity Boys Volleyball
Head Coach: Mike Viani
Assistant Coach:
Varsity Co-Ed Tennis 
Head Coach:  Tony Alo
Assistant Coach: 
Middle School Co-Ed Soccer
Head Coach: Layla Naasz
Assistant Coach:

Middle School Track 
Head Coach:
Assistant Coach: